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Our Story

Dr. Cheryl Chavers, Creator of MileStone Five App

"I wanted to change the way people think

about helping others who are going through

grief and loss."

"From my experience, I realized that most people don't understand the complexity of the grief and loss journey. And because of that, they miss the important milestones associated with the process. 


I believe that the MileStone Five App can help us be the change I envisioned. "

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Hear From Real People Using MileStone Five

I have found MileStone Five incredibly helpful in taking my pastoral care to another level.  Having an aid to help me remember important dates for member's leads me to reach out and let them know they are deeply cared for and what's important to them is also important to their pastor.

The app is easy to use, well designed and simple.


Ronald D Williams, Jr DMin, MDiv, MA, BSBA
Pastor, West Philadelphia SDA Church

Death and grief are already such difficult topics to deal with. Then, with the business of life and even our own emotional capacity, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the dates that are so monumental to those who mean the most to us. This is where the MileStone 5 App is such a blessing! 

MS5 has become my storehouse for important dates that my heart wants to remember, but my mind forgets! And then it even sends me reminders so I can reach out to those I love and acknowledge the anniversaries and birthdates of those who have passed without having to be prompted by those who are busy grieving! Thank you for the meaningful gift 🎁 of this app!

Theresa P.

MileStone Five (MS5) helped me to be supportive of people I care about as they experienced grief.


It has been most helpful due to the many losses we experienced during the pandemic. I recommend individuals, as well as organizations, especially the faith community, to use MS5 to support their grieving members.

Gillian C.